Easy way to prevent the smell of sewer gases; use a Trap Guard

Can’t figure out where that sewer smell is coming from? Check your floor drains.

I build and remodel a lot of restaurants and commercial tenant spaces.  When we install new plumbing specifically the floor drains the plans often call for traps with trap primers.  Trap primers are water lines that connect to the trap below the floor and allow water to drip into the trap.  The purpose is to keep the trap full of water thus keeping out sewer gases.  If the traps dry out then there is nothing to stop the smell of sewer from coming up through the floor drain.

trap primer commercial-floor-drain-plumbing

When you have a place that has been sitting vacant for awhile with the water cut off the trap primers stop working.  If your traps dry out you can get sewer smells.  Not all traps are equipped with trap primers and even the ones that are can get clogged.  So even if you have a space that is occupied if you don’t put much water down the floor drains they can get dried out or clogged up. If this happens you are going to get sewer smells.

There is a simple fix for these problems. It is called a Trap Guard.

TrapGuard by ProSet Systems (USA) – Trap Guard® solves the problem of infrequently used drains by eliminating the need for a ‘trap primer’ while preventing the emission of sewer gases and the backup of raw sewage into living or work areas.

– It is much less expensive, much more effective and much simpler to maintain than a trap primer.
– It allows maximum flow rates of 33 GPM through an Elastomeric PVC material.
– It comply with International Plumbing Code (Section 105.2) and Standard Plumbing Code.
– It has been successfully tested to variety of different chemicals (cleaning agent / acid).
– It can be installed within floor traps, gully traps, pipes, irrespective of location.