Getting a building permit in Myrtle Beach

Getting a building permit for your next project in the city of Myrtle Beach can take longer than you think.  Plan ahead and read this article to help guide you through the process.  First you should know that Myrtle Beach has something called the CAB (community appearance board).  If your project is commercial and involves changes to the outside of the property then you will have to get CAB approval before you can get a building permit. This can get time consuming.  The CAB only meets twice a month on the first and third Thursday of the month.  In order to get your project on the meeting schedule you have to submit your application by the deadline which is usually about 10 days prior to the scheduled meeting date.  If your application is accepted and you have your date with the CAB they may not approve your plans and you will have to meet with them again after you address their comments and concerns from your first meeting. So, you can easily thirty days or more just trying to get CAB approval.  Here is a link to the CAB application that you will need : City of Myrtle Beach CAB Application

In order to be added to the Community Appearance Board Meeting Agenda, the following items must be included and this form initialed with the submission:

Please Initial

Completed CAB application, permit application(s), flood elevation certificate (if applicable), along with six stamped survey plats, including elevations of all property corners and one near the center of the lot, prepared within six months of application date, Submit an 8%” x 11″ plat showing proposed structures, decks, secondary buildings, setbacks and fences.

Six copies proposed site plan, drawn to a scale of at least 1 inch = 20 feet indicating all existing features on the parcel which are to be retained, proposed structures (including FFE of building, zoning code Section 1702) and improvements, driveways, traffic flow, parking (include handicap accessible) and loading layout, proposed outdoor living and buffer areas (buffering and landscaping, all vehicular use areas and incompatible land uses), utility services and location of solid waste containers.

Six copies of tree survey in accordance with Section 903, drawn to the same scale as the site plan.

Six copies of landscape plan (required for final review). “If you are adding lighting, it must be shown on this plan and separate permit application and plans are required.

Six copies of architectural drawings or sketches drawn to scale of at least 1/8″ scale and showing all elevations of the proposed structures and other improvements as they should appear on completion of construction (N, S, E & W). Include floor plan with all rooms labeled; also indicate on cover sheet building height, area of calculations, square footage of building, type of construction, occupancy load, egress plan showing exit access travel distance & distance apart of exit door or exit access doorways,

and handicap accessible public entrances.

Color rendering, color pictures or brochure depicting Project. For buildings show all facades (N, S, E & W) and samples as to color(s) and texture (s) of exterior surfaces must be INCLUDED WITH THIS SUBMISSION.

A series of color photographs of the site(s) (N, S, E & W) and adjoining properties including any existing buildings, signs, exterior lighting, landscape features, or unusual topographic features must be included.